Cartes postales de loin. - I know what you were imagining..

I know what you were imagining..


Cartes postales de loin.

Esmeralda sat beside her window, a worn, tired looking envelope in her hand. She had read the neatly written words over and over, yet they were still waiting to sink in;

Mrs. de Chateaupers,
It is with my deepest regret that I do inform you of the cancellation of your Festival. Unfortunately, you and your Court failed to garner the support of His Majesty King Louis, therefore it would be incomprehensible to allow it to take place.
I trust you understand and will accept my sincere apologies,
Judge Claude Frollo.

Crumpling the parchment in her hand, her lip curled, a low growl emerging from her throat. “Failed to garner the King’s support?! What kind of pathetic excuse is that?!” She stood up, pacing the length of the room, before snatching her cloak off the back of the door, slamming it behind her. She was irate; she had kept her word and had the Court swear there would be no trouble. They had spent weeks rehearsing and preparing, and for what? Nothing. Upon exiting the Court, she untied a bored looking Achilles and made a mental note to tell Phoebus later. She smirked as she gracefully leapt onto his back, and coaxed him onward.

Dismounting in front of the Palace, she patted Achilles’ head and raised a brow as he sat, wheezing from the exertion. She ran through the doors, pushing guards out of her way with ease before banging her palm against the hard wood of Frollo’s door.


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